Saturday, February 14, 2009

cupid's day of loooovvvee

i thought since today is the day of love i would give a shout out to some of my favorite couples!!!!!!!!!! thank you all for showing the world what true love is and setting the bar high!! May cupid always remember you today and everyday <3

mama and daddy-your love is beyond words.
Happy 30th Anniversary

every so lovely sista and her hubby
(i think they will forever be in the newlywed phase)

Mama's folks, which i might add this is probably one of my most favorite pictures. Their love is overflowing I just cannot look at this picture enough. Love at it's finest. I love and miss the both of you like there is no tomorrow...

Dad's folks, this is the last photo I have of the two of them together. I miss you Grandaddy. My Grandmother loves that man with all of her being. It is so beautiful.


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